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BA (Hons) in Ballet Education - case study

Alison Russell

Alison Russell - BA (Hons) in Ballet Education.

What was your background before starting your studies with RAD?

I was introduced to the RAD method and syllabus when I was 14 years old at my ballet school just outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was fortunate to have been provided with many opportunities to assist my ballet teachers in various classes, recitals, and examinations, which furthered my interest in becoming a ballet teacher. My teachers offered a high standard of teaching and training of students, and as a result I have always looked up to my ballet teachers who also studied at the RAD Headquarters, London. It has been my dream to study at the RAD to become the best ballet teacher I can possibly be.

What areas of the programme do you enjoy most and find most useful? 

I am currently in my second year of the course, and I have really enjoyed the Professional Placement module. We have learnt interesting theory such as memory and retention, created children’s dances, and we are further developing our teaching skills. I feel it is incredibly beneficial as we are able to learn and practice our teaching skills with our peers in mock situations, and we discover what will work best within a class. It has been helpful to utilise and practice what we have learnt in our class at our teaching placements. I have also found the academic classes fascinating. Within these classes and my own research for essays, I have learnt a great deal about the history and various aspects of ballet and dance, and I believe that this knowledge will be useful to become a well-rounded teacher once I begin my career.   

What do you hope to do once you graduate?  What are your future aspirations?

When I graduate, I would like to work abroad for a few years teaching the RAD syllabi. The qualifications I will gain once I’ve completed this course will enable me to work anywhere in the world, as they are internationally recognised. In the future I hope to work in Canada teaching the RAD method and syllabus

Would you recommend this programme to others?

Yes, I would highly recommend this programme. As an international student this is the only programme in the world that focuses on the education and teaching of ballet. I feel that this course will give me a strong foundation and an abundance of knowledge to begin my career.

Are you planning any further study?

I would like to pursue my studies with a Masters one day, however, I would like to teach ballet for a few years once I graduate, to gain more teaching and life experience first.