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Declaration and exemptions

Declaration and exemptions
At the end of the year, you will be required to return a CPD Declaration Form as part of the RAD membership renewal process. You may also apply for an exemption if you meet the criteria.

CPD declaration

The deadline for submitting your declaration form is 30 June each year. The form will ask you to confirm that you have completed your CPD requirement. You will not be required to submit any evidence of your participation in activities at this stage, but you may be selected at random to take part in our annual CPD audit.


The CPD year runs from 1 July to 30 June each year. If you do not think you'll be able to meet your requirement for the 2015/16 CPD year, complete and return an exemption application form. The deadline for submitting an exemption application is 1 June each year.

Please note, we are no longer accepting declaration forms or exemption application forms for 2014/15 CPD year.