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Declare your CPD!

Declare your CPD!
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Silver Swans® Teacher Training and Licensing (2017 pilot)

Silver Swans® Teacher Training and Licensing (2017 pilot)
The RAD’s new training and licensing initiative is an exciting business opportunity for experienced dance teachers to extend their expertise and offer adult ballet through branded Silver Swans classes.

We are developing a centrally-supported scheme of Silver Swans® branded adult classes for the over-55s, delivered by recognised and licensed professionals. This is an opportunity to be part of a pilot programme of three CPD workshops, two in the UK and one in the US, that aims to bring high-quality ballet provision to the adult market.

The summer of 2017 will see a trial of the project on both sides of the pond. Places are limited, but applications are open to both RAD registered teachers and dance teachers with proven ballet teaching experience.

Teachers on the pilot will be entitled to deliver Silver Swans branded classes from September 2017 to August 2018. During this time, we will work with pilot participants to refine the initiative for a roll-out beyond this.

The pilot will explore two routes to becoming a Silver Swans practitioner:

  • A license-only route for RAD registered teachers who can demonstrate they have experience in delivering dance classes to adults aged 55+
  • A CPD route, available to both RAD registered teachers and other ballet teachers, involving a day’s training in safe and effective methodology for teaching adult ballet.

Successful completion of either route will give teachers use of the Silver Swans brand, and support from RAD to both develop and promote classes. This will include exclusive teaching resources, and a public relations campaign to raise the profile of the Silver Swans brand and Silver Swans classes as the definitive dance programme for the over-55s.

The initial launch will be for the CPD route, with the license-only version to be launched in Spring 2017.

About the CPD route

There will be three initial workshops: two in the UK, and one in the US in partnership with Dance Teacher Web Live.

For RAD registered teachers: 
  • The workshops will attract 8  hours of time-valued CPD.  
For non-RAD ballet teachers:
  • In the UK: must be able to demonstrate evidence of level 4 teaching qualification (or equivalent) in ballet. You will need to bring your certification to the CPD session.
  • In the US: DTW will verify applicants, who will need to show experience as a ballet teacher.

All attendees will be sent pre-course materials approximately two weeks before their training.

UPDATE 9 February 2017

As a result of a hugely positive response to the Silver Swans Teacher Training and Licensing pilot; the two UK workshops are now SOLD OUT, but you can join our waiting list via the links below.

Please check this page in the coming days and weeks for further updates.

Workshop dates

Date Venue Registration
7 May  Elmhurst Ballet School, Birmingham, UK Join waiting list
23 July RAD headquarters, London, UK      Join waiting list
24 July Dance Teacher Web Live, Las Vegas, USA  SOLD OUT

We are grateful to our US partner Dance Teacher Web for supporting the North American pilot of the Silver Swans programme.

Please send any enquiries to: .

Silver Swans® is a registered trademark of the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK, USA and Europe.