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Declare your CPD!

Declare your CPD!
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2017 Summer workshops

2017 Summer workshops
CPD Summer Workshops are taking place in London from 22–29 July at RAD HQ and the University of East London.

Please see below for a list of the 2017 Summer Workshops.
Click on the name for each activity to find out more and also book online.

Date Time Activity Location
Saturday 22 July 10am – 1pm Grade 1 Revision Workshop RAD headquarters
Saturday 22 July  2–5pm Grade 2 Revision Workshop RAD headquarters
Monday 24 July  10am – 5pm An Introduction to the Technique and Choreographic Style of Martha Graham for Ballet University of East London
Tuesday 25 July
10am – 5pm Inclusive Dance: teaching dance technique and safe practice University of East London
Wednesday 26 July

10am – 5pm Flexibility for Dance University of East London
Thursday 27 July

10am – 5pm Applying Pilates Principles to Ballet  University of East London
Friday 28 July
10am – 1pm Grade 3 Revision Workshop University of East London
Friday 28 July 2–5pm  Grade 4 Revision Workshop University of East London
Saturday 29 July
10am – 1pm Grade 5 Revision Workshop RAD headquarters