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Who is who in Benesh

Who is who in Benesh
The president, director, patrons, sub-committee and technical advisory panel of the Benesh Institute.

President: Sir Peter Wright CBE DMus FBSM DLitt

Director: Liz Cunliffe F.I.Chor. ARAD


  • Richard Alston CBE
  • Mikhail Baryshnikov
  • Christopher Bruce CBE
  • Robert Cohan
  • Sir Anthony Dowell CBE
  • Wayne Eagling
  • Maina Gielgud AO
  • Dame Beryl Grey OBE DMus DLitt DEd FRSA
  • Marcia Haydée
  • Gillian Lynne CBE
  • Natalia Makarova
  • Jonathan Miller CBE
  • John Neumeier
  • Dame Merle Park DBE
  • Lady Sainsbury CBE
  • Wayne Sleep OBE DLitt FRSA

The Benesh Sub-Committee of the RAD

  • Chairman  Kathryn Wade
  • Executive committee  Anders Ivarson
  • Co-opted member representing dance companies  Jeanetta Laurence
  • Co-opted member representing notators  Amanda Eyles
  • Co-opted member  Lady MacMillan
  • Co-opted member  Christopher Hampson
  • Co-opted member – Elizabeth Ferguson
  • Co-opted member – Gary Harris

Benesh Technical Advisory Panel

  • Liz Cunliffe
  • Diana Curry
  • Amanda Eyles
  • Robyn Hughes Ryman 
  • Anders Ivarson
  • Kendra Johnson
  • Eliane Mirzabekiantz
  • Gregory Mislin
  • Rhonda Ryman 
  • Adrian Grater (consultant)
  • Violet Ashford (consultant: clinical)