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Winners of the Graded RAD Dance Challenge announced

13 Jun 2017 / Tags: UK, Choreography, Competitions, Dance Challenge

Winners of the Graded RAD Dance Challenge announced
This multi-level national competition gives candidates an opportunity to be part of a creative process and perform in front of an audience. Candidates were judged on a solo choreographed by themselves, their teacher or peer.

The 2017 Graded RAD Dance Challenge took place on Sunday 11 June at RAD headquarters. Lynn Wallis OBE was judge, with Darren Parish taking class and coaching the candidates' solos. Jennie Borgnis, daughter of Jean Bedells, attended and awarded the Jean Bedells Choreographic Award.


Level 1
Emma Grace Lucano, aged 10
Teacher: Vanessa Donkin

Level 2
Luke Wragg, aged 11
Teacher: Natasha Cale

Jean Bedells Choreographic Award
Ambrose Bartlett, aged 10
Teacher: Vanessa Donkin


The winners all received a certificate, and the recipient of the Jean Bedells Choreographic Award, Ambrose Bartlett, received £500 after choreographing his own solo. This award is made possible thanks to generous funding provided by Jennifer Borgnis and Jeremy Newton.

Adults (l-r): Jennie Borgnis (daughter of Jean Bedells), Darren Parish (class teacher and coach for the day), Lynn Wallis OBE (judge).

Children (l-r): Ambrose Bartlett (winner of  theJean Bedells Choreographic Award) Emma Grace Lucano (winner of Level 1) and Luke Wragg (winner of Level 2).

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