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Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate launches in Australia

07 Nov 2017 / Tags: Australia, Higher education, Faculty of Education

Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate launches in Australia
For more than 40 years the PDTC has been bringing the RAD's worldwide teaching qualification to dancers across the globe from its base in the UK and in Europe but this is the first time the course will be offered in the southern hemisphere.

The PDPTC is a one year part-time programme, combining distance learning with an onsite intensive study period held in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Starting in July, this flexible programme of study accommodates dancers’ rehearsal, performance and work schedules or teaching commitments, and provides a secure platform for a career in teaching.

The programme begins with an onsite induction seminar, followed by a period of distance learning. For four weeks in January, students attend an intensive study period in Sydney over the summer break.

The intensive study period comprises practical sessions, lectures, seminars, discussion groups and tutorials. Students also undertake a teaching placement in a dance school or teaching context of their choice, supported by a mentor and practical teaching supervisor.

Those successfully completing the PDPTC will be eligible to become Registered Teachers of the RAD, and will benefit from the exclusive right to enter candidates for RAD examinations as well as becoming part of a highly respected international community of dance professionals.

For more information, see the PDPTC page on the RAD Australia website.

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