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Discovering Repertoire launch success

22 Feb 2018 / Tags: Discovering Repertoire

Discovering Repertoire launch success
Over the past few months, a series of events have taken place globally to launch Discovering Repertoire, the RAD's new classical ballet performance programme.

From Australia to South Africa, a total of 30 events, ensured that the programme launch was attended by over 1,000 teachers in 15 countries.

Here are just some of the glowing reactions from around the world:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. It was great to meet Paula Hunt and other RAD staff. The students danced beautifully, the video presentation was enjoyable to watch. The practical element was great. Highlight of the day was the keynote speech by Leanne Benjamin. FABULOUS!”
“I enjoyed learning more about the background and purpose; seeing the demonstration of the work by students, and especially the opportunity to be taught some of the variations and to execute them with the teachers. Loved meeting old friends and getting to know new ones.”
“The DVD with demonstration of the work was excellent, as was the students' live demonstration and the workshop; learning some of the work was fun as well as informative.”

Click on the images from around the world to enlarge.

Watch our launch film and discover more for yourself.

Read more about Discovering Repertoire.

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