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Congratulations Doreen!

12 Aug 2016 / Tags: Exams, Older Dancers

 Congratulations Doreen!
At 71, Doreen Pechey is the oldest ballerina to pass the RAD Grade 6 exam.

Doreen, featured on BBC London News last night, came to dance late on, only taking up ballet at the age of 61. Even more remarkable - and proving that nothing will stand in the way of ambition - her success comes just two years after having knee replacement surgery.

Reflecting on her success, Doreen said: 'I would like to be able to encourage other older (although I never consider myself as 'older') people to take up similar challenges.'

A Scout and Guide leader, and a licensed chaperone, she is now studying both Intermediate Foundation, and Grade 7.

Watch this space for Doreen's future achievements!

Irana Aidonopoulou says:
13 Aug 2016 11:05

Congradulations Doreen!!!!!!

I am teaching ballet to adults in Athens Greece. In June 3 2016 two of my students aged 45 and 67 took the grade 6 exam. They both passed with merit!
Doreen, your achievment makes all of us-teacher and students-feel very happy and encourages us to continue.....

Congradulations Doreen, continue the good work, Irana Aidonopoulou, registered teacher ID 210264

Doreen Pechey says:
21 Aug 2016 21:36

Thank you for your congratulations. Your students are fantastic. Good Luck to you and them.

Janie Sindall says:
17 Aug 2016 13:29

I am 63 ....I took ballet up for the first time when I was 61 ....and I am LOVING it!
BLESS you Doreen for being such an inspiration! THANK YOU! :-)

Daphne says:
15 Sep 2016 02:21

Well done Doreen. All Edna's friends recognized you on CTV News!

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