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Discovering Repertoire launch

Discovering Repertoire launch
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40th Anniversary of the PDTD programme

09 Jul 2015 / Tags: UK, Events, Faculty of Education

40th Anniversary of the PDTD programme
Past students and tutors of the PDTD programme (originally the Professional Dancers’ Teaching Course) celebrated its 40th anniversary on Wednesday 8 July at RAD headquarters.

The evening began with a welcome from RAD President Darcey Bussell, followed by an introduction from RAD Director of Education Dr Anne Hogan, highlighting the importance of a teaching programme for professional dancers.

Speeches came from Madeleine White, former PDTD student from the 1975 cohort, and Thérèse Cantine, former PDTD student and Tutor and current RAD Trustee. Guests were treated to a video message from Johaar Mosaval, also a former PDTD student from the 1975 cohort, followed by a cocktail reception.

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