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The latest news from the RAD and the world of dance.

Discovering Repertoire launch success

22 Feb 2018 / Tags: Discovering Repertoire

Over the past few months, a series of events have taken place globally to launch Discovering Repertoire, the RAD's new classical ballet performance programme. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: I Love Dick

21 Feb 2018 / Tags: Library

RAD Book Club met last Tuesday to discuss 'I love Dick', an epistolary novel at the intersection between fiction, essay and memoir, by American writer and filmmaker Chris Kraus. Read more »

Project B update

12 Feb 2018 / Tags: Boys Only, Boys Ballet, Bursaries, A Level, GCSE, Project B, Summer School, Conferences

Project B, launched last summer, aims to inspire boys to take part in dance by widening access and encouraging engagement through a variety of styles. Read more »

Important changes to the CPD scheme

09 Feb 2018 / Tags: CPD

The RAD’s CPD scheme is now in its fifth year and we are constantly reviewing it in consultation with members and staff to make sure that it works for our members. Read more »

RAD Dance Challenge 2018

30 Jan 2018 / Tags: Competitions, Dance Challenge, UK

This multi-level national competition gives candidates an opportunity to be part of a creative process and perform in front of an audience. Candidates will be judged on a solo choreographed by themselves, their teacher or peer. Read more »

2018 and beyond at the RAD

19 Jan 2018 / Tags: Boys Only, Discovering Repertoire, Genée, Silver Swans

The Royal Academy of Dance yesterday previewed its plans for 2018 and beyond at '18+', a new year’s drinks event hosted in partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. Read more »


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