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Declare your CPD!

Declare your CPD!
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The latest news from the RAD and the world of dance.

Project B builds momentum

29 Jul 2017 / Tags: Project B

Two months after launch, RAD announces further Project B developments, including new activities in Australia, plans for a virtual global mass performance of newly-commissioned choreography, and new financial support. Read more »

Step LIVE! 2017

24 Jul 2017 / Tags: Step into Dance

Step into Dance celebrated their 10-year anniversary at Step LIVE! on Monday 17 July at Southbank Centre. Read more »

Despatches from Fondo, July 2017

20 Jul 2017 / Tags: Summer School, Italy

As I stand on the stage of the 'Royal Opera House (Fondo)' – having been invited to do so by our Italian National Director Manuela as part of the awards ceremony, not to perform! – the true scale of the Scuola Estiva is writ large. Read more »

Examiner training - students needed

17 Jul 2017 / Tags: Exams

October and November 2017 will see the start of the latest examiner training programme at RAD headquarters, and we would like to offer students the opportunity to take part in mock exams. Read more »

RAD Book Club review: Fahrenheit 451

13 Jul 2017 / Tags: Library

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is set in a dystopian future where books are banned and firemen track down and burn all those that they find. It seemed a fitting read for our last Book Club of this series. Read more »


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