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The latest news from the RAD and the world of dance.

New RAD bank details

19 Apr 2017

We've recently changed our UK bank account numbers. If you make payment to us via online banking, you'll need to update the details by the end of April 2017. Read more »

Congratulations Sophie!

18 Apr 2017 / Tags: Exams

Sophie Rebecca has become one of the first transgender students to take an RAD exam and talk openly about the process. Read more »

New endorsed CPD provider

06 Apr 2017 / Tags: CPD

CPD Endorsed Providers are organisations that offer learning activities allowing dance teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills. By giving endorsement, the RAD is confirming that the content, format and hours involved are appropriate for the subject matter and for participants. Read more »

RAD Dance Challenge 2017

28 Mar 2017 / Tags: Competitions, Dance Challenge, UK

This multi level, national competition gives candidates an opportunity to be part of a creative process and performa in front of an audience . candidates will be judged on a solo choreographed by themselves, their teacher or peer. Read more »


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