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Discovering Repertoire launch

Discovering Repertoire launch
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Dance Gazette

Dance Gazette
Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication, produced as part of our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

It is published three times a year (February, June and October) and is distributed to 13,000 members and friends internationally. It is now also available to non-members as a single issue and as a subscription which starts at only £10.50 (postage charges apply). 

If you are interested in advertising in Dance Gazette, please contact or call +44 (0)20 7326 8952. 

For sizing and pricing, take a look at our Dance Gazette media pack.

Latest issue

Who runs the world? Quite possibly Ms Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. This issue of Dance Gazette pays tribute to Beyoncé: from the beginning of her career, dance has been a crucial aspect of her art, and Single Ladies provided the most iconic pop moves since Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. We meet Beyoncé’s choreographers, while an RAD teacher suggests how to incorporate her key moves into ballet classes.

Other redoubtable women feature in this issue – from the young Australian dancer working to become the world’s first professional hijabi ballerina to the Bolshoi star Svetlana Zakharova. We also investigate how ballet companies increasingly create ambitious projects online and meet one of the earliest medallists from the RAD’s Genée International Ballet Competition: Henry Danton, still irrepressible at 98.

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Who run the world?
Beyoncé’s signature moves have become iconic: we meet her choreographers and dancers and ask how you can bring some Bey to ballet class.

Heading up
Squaring art and religion can be challenging. We meet a young Australian determined to become the first professional hijabi ballerina.

Touching history
In the RAD’s new Discovering Repertoire programme, dancers explore solos from classic ballets like Giselle and Swan Lake. We report from the trial classes.

She said, he said
Bolshoi star Svetlana Zakharova and her leading men explain the chemistry of perfect partnering.

Screen play
Leading classical companies now broadcast live to cinemas and stream work from their studios. We see Scottish Ballet creating original online dance.

Dress loud, shout louder
Meet the sapeuses: Congo’s feminist fashion pack.

Ballet man
Henry Danton was one of the first Genée medallists and created landmark ballets with Frederick Ashton. Still teaching at 98, he shares a century of memories.

Sweet reads
A new book based on The Nutcracker tucks beloved melodies among the pictures. We also suggest toothsome titles that make perfect gifts.

What I’ve learned
Lucinda Childs, the doyenne of modern dance.