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Dance Gazette

Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication, produced as part of our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

It is published three times a year (February, June and October) and is distributed to 13,000 members and friends internationally. It is now also available to non-members as a single issue and as a subscription which starts at only £10.50 (postage charges apply). 

If you are interested in advertising in Dance Gazette, please contact  or call +44 (0)20 7326 8952. 

For sizing and pricing, take a look at our Dance Gazette media pack   

Latest issue

If the cover of the latest issue of Dance Gazette looks like the poster for an epic action movie, that’s no surprise. In the dance world, few battles seem as titanic as that between live and recorded music.

Both dance teachers and professional companies juggle artistic ideals and practical realities. Most schools can’t access quality pianists, and few companies employ an in-house orchestra. Teachers, musicians and dance artists – including star ballerina Viktorina Kapitonova, composer Joby Talbot and Robert Battle, director of the revered Alvin Ailey company – ask if time is running out for live music.

We also ask when and how a young dancer should go on pointe, and uncover dance in vintage Vogue and the punk revolution. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the big picture.


The day the music died
Is recorded music taking over from live music in many dance schools? Australian teachers share their experiences.

The sound of music
Does live or recorded music make a difference on stage? We ask leading dance artists.

Get stuck in
Photos from the frontline of the punk explosion in 1977 London.

Don’t shoot the pianist
Is playing piano for ballet class a dying art? A Teachers and pianists in Slovenia are giving the role new life.

I was overcome
Joby Talbot’s scores for Christopher Wheeldon have rebooted the full-length story ballet. 

BritVogue at the ballet
The love affair with ballet in Britain’s most famous fashion magazine.

Get to the pointe
Going on pointe is ballet’s rite of passage. What is the perfect shoe, and the right moment to wear it.