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RADiate tutors

Learn more about our highly-experienced RADiate tutors.

Emma Jones

RADiate Research & Coordination Officer

I love my work for RADiate because I get to work really closely with the school staff so that the children can really benefit from my sessions. Seeing how much the children progress socially and emotionally, as well as with their dancing is very rewarding. I like to base my sessions on things the children are learning about in the classroom and the children I teach at Smallwood Primary, where I've taught for a few years, have created short dance pieces that they've performed in their assembly's. It's very rewarding to see the children and staff so proud of their achievements. I also teach at Southmead Primary, Beatrix Potter Primary and with a group of children from different schools who travel to Beatrix Potter to dance together every Tuesday.


Gemma Coldicott

RADiate Quality Assurance Officer

I am responsible for maintaining the quality of the RADiate sessions delivered in our partner schools. I regularly visit the tutors in situ offering feedback and mentoring. I contribute to the design and delivery of Continuing Professional Development workshops, in inclusive dance, for the tutors and wider education sector. I also manage partnerships with the schools on the RADiate programme which includes nurturing new partnerships and monitoring existing ones. 

I am a leading Inclusive Dance Artist, Arts Manager and Creative Facilitator. I co-founded South London Inclusive Dance Experience in 2013, a registered charity, and I am the current Artistic Director leading on choreography, teaching, project development and fundraising. I also lecture at the University of Brighton on the MA course Inclusive Arts Practice in the area of Practice as Research, and specialise in dance for people with Parkinson's Disease and Dementia leading workshops for Parkinson's UK and Age Exchange. 


Katarzyna Maslowska

RADiate Tutor

I have been always passionate about theatre and dance. I remember many years ago making performances, choreographing short dance pieces with all the children from the neighbourhood and inviting parents and families to watch – I was about 6 years old and that is my first memory of falling in love with dance and performance. Since then I have always remained close to the arts, I trained in acting studies, pantomime and eventually back to dance again.

I love being a member of the RADiate team because every session is sure to take me on a magical journey of creativity. Whether it be through jumping, turning, rolling, leaping we always discover a new and different ways to move and create in the space together. 


Elena Molinaro

RADiate Tutor

After studying History of Contemporary Art in Italy, I came to London at the very beginning of the New Millennium determined to learn English. I could not speak a single word but needed it for my professional aspirations. A few years later, at the mature age of 30, I came across contemporary dance as I started dancing with a group of young women coming from all over the world. They became my second family, we were called 'New Generation', and toured all over London. The process of creating, making, and performing was like a dream coming true, and I fell in love so deeply with the whole practice of performance making, that I decided to start a new career in the field of community dance. It was a scary yet exciting decision, and today I can say one of the best I have ever made. Since then I have been teaching dance in educational and community settings and I have also developed my own work as a performance maker.

I love working as part of RADiate because I get to collaborate with a team of professional people who all have the children's best interests at heart and are dedicated to making a difference in their lives. These aims contribute to forming a safe and inspiring environment where the children's creativity can grow and flourish. Dance can then become a transformative experience for the children and everyone involved in the project. I also love the trust and freedom which I have been given to run these classes.


Annaliese Neubauer

RADiate Tutor

Every Thursday I am propelled into a different world, my students are so creative and imaginative, they surprise me every week!  


Vicky Lyon

RADiate Tutor - HQ Sessions

After training in contemporary dance, my experience has been in using dance and movement as a way to connect and bring adults and young people together. I am currently studying a Masters to be a Dance Movement Psychotherapist at Goldsmiths College, which is an enriching, humbling, fascinating and wonderful journey!

I have worked with SLiDE for 2 years now, and we have taken out Thursday group to perform at The Brit School, Laban and Birmingham Hippodrome. Seeing their faces of pride and support for each other after these performances is something I'll never forget. 

I am a new tutor for RADiate and will begin in January 2018. Already I feel part of the team, and I look forward to the new opportunities that lie ahead.  


Tarika Ingram

RADiate Tutor

Growing up in Bombay, India, I fell in love with ballet after watching a performance of Giselle. Apparently, I would not stop dancing and would dress up and put on dance shows for my family! From ballet to modern dance, jazz, Latin American and contemporary, I realised that I love to dance and explore movement. It's fairly common for me to have a tune in my head or hear a song and to start tapping away or figuring out where I can use it in a dance class. The combination of my Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Community Dance courses have given me the insight and freedom into the endless possibilities of movement which is beautiful to observe on a daily basis.

I love the opportunity to work with children as their imaginations bring so much creativity to a dance lesson. I enjoy watching them create and think out of the box whilst exploring and having fun with dance and movement. Having those little magic moments when a child or group suddenly come into their own is very rewarding and special to be a part of. Working closely with staff to enable the children's all-round development is also something I value greatly. Dance and movement can bring so much positivity into a person's life so it's lovely to be able to give children a safe and welcoming space where they can grow and flourish using this art form.