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Discovering Repertoire launch

Discovering Repertoire launch
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Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?

Why choose an RAD Registered Teacher?
By choosing an RAD Registered Teacher you are choosing quality, safety and professionalism.

Qualified Dance Teachers

RAD teachers have always met and exceeded the highest standards of professionalism. All applicants must now undertake an RAD Faculty of Education dance teaching qualification in order to hold Registered Teacher Status (RAD RTS). Registered Teachers are required to keep their skills up to date through our Continuing Professional Development scheme. This means that you can be confident in their dance knowledge and teaching ability, including what is developmentally appropriate at every stage of a child’s learning.

Your Child in Safe Hands

We recommend that all our teaching members have an Enhanced Disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), Disclosure Scotland or similar international organisations. Every teacher on our register is expected to adhere to our Code of Professional Practice which outlines an ethos of integrity, competence and professionalism.

A World Class Dance Teacher, Teaching Locally

Finding a good teacher, one that is right for you, can take some time, but it is worth the effort. In the end, whether you are looking for yourself or for your child, you will benefit from selecting a teacher who is a qualified, safe and reliable. The Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher mark, assures you of just that.­

Find an RAD teacher near you.