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Discovering Repertoire launch

Discovering Repertoire launch
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Members' area

Members' area
The Members' Area is entirely devoted to RAD Members, with member-only competitions, access to the latest issues of Dance Gazette, exclusive content, JobSearch International and more...

How do I Access the Members' Area?

To access the Members' Area, you must be a fully paid Member of the RAD and have the following information:

  • Login Name 
  • Password
You will find these details in an email sent to you by the Membership Team. Contact  if you do not know login details. 

Become a member today and enjoy access to the Members' Area as well as many other benefits!

JobSearch International 

JobSearch International (JSI) is the Royal Academy of Dance’s online listing that advertises dance related opportunities around the globe.It is accessed by over 14,000 members via our exclusive Members' Area. JobSearch International provides five advert categories:

  • Dance-related job vacancies
  • Job seekers
  • Schools for sale
  • Schools for purchase
  • Studios for hire

RAD Publications

Access the latest issue and archive of the Dance Gazette magazines and Focus on Members.

Exclusive content 

This section gives members a broad range of information regarding dance knowledge and the RAD's activities, from Event Planning Guide to The Making of Dance Gazette and much more. 

overseas members

We are afraid that at this moment in time,  members residing in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA can only view JobSearch International in the Members' Area. Members residing in these countries can obtain the login details to view JobSearch International by contacting their local office.

Photo: Elliott Franks