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Renew your membership!

Renew your membership!
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Become a Full Member

Become a Full Member
From RAD Advanced 1 (or Benesh equivalent) you can progress further through our scheme to become a Full Member.


Discover membership with a trial subscription — just £42 / €59. Reduced rate*: £25 / €36. Terms and conditions .

The reduced rate is automatically available to:

  • Full members under age 18
  • Full members in full-time education*
  • Full members over age 65

*Proof will be required

Our Full Members’ favourite benefits

  • Use of the initials ARAD after your name*
  • Receive a substantial discount on vocational exam fees, from Advanced Foundation upwards*
  • 10% discount in the RAD shop
  • Access to the exclusive Members' Area of the RAD website, containing JobSearch International™ (JSI)
  • Publications such as Dance Gazette and Focus on Exams delivered to your door 

And more – see what else you’ll receive as a Full Member.

*Terms and conditions apply

Subscriptions will run until 31 August 2017.


You must meet the following requirements:

  • Have passed RAD Advanced 1 or Advanced 2 
  • Hold a Student Teaching Certificate (STC)
  • Be enrolled on any RAD certificate, diploma, degree or masters programme
  • Be a graduate of any RAD certificate, diploma or degree programme
  • Hold the Award of Intermediate Level Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation, its equivalent or higher
  • Hold a CBMN (Certificate in Benesh Movement Notation)
  • Hold a Diplôme supérieur (2nd year certificate) in BMN awarded by the Paris Conservatoire 


Membership terms and conditions    
All RAD Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Further information

If you need further information or have any questions, contact the Membership Team at  or call us on +44 (0)20 7326 8070.

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