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Unravelling Repertoire conference (Brisbane)

20 Jan 2018 09:00 - 21 Jan 2018 17:30 / Tags: Australia, Conferences

Unravelling Repertoire conference (Brisbane)
This conference seeks to bring together dance professionals, educators and researchers, including dance teachers, lecturers, repetiteurs and notators, historians, musicologists and scholars, from across a variety of dance disciplines and forms to discuss the role, function, and impact of repertoire in the contexts of dance as art, education, culture, and history.

Unravelling Repertoire: Histories, Pedagogies and Practices, will explore the role and value of dance repertoire. In today’s eclectic dance ecology, how do repertory works from past and current times inform our understanding of dance? How do different stakeholders engage with the concept of ‘repertoire’ in order to shape the way we learn and teach dance, and ensure that dance heritage is sustained? 

The Conference aims to address:

  • The role of repertoire in various educational, professional, historical and cultural context including higher educational, professional and pre-professional, recreational and research settings.
  • Repertoire as resources for research as embodied practices in pedagogies for dance, education and training.
  • Current and past local models of repertoire practices in pedagogies for dance, education and training.
  • Exploration of technologies for the management of learning and teaching of dance repertoire.
  • Understanding the value of restaging, revising and reconceptualising repertory works as sources of histories, practices and pedagogies.
  • The role of repetiteurs, notators, dance foundations and organisations to support and facilitate the sustaining of dance heritage.
  • Repertoire as currency for local and global practices in established and emerging dance forms including ballet, contemporary dance, tap cultural dance, Indigenous dance, Broadway and musicals, popular dance forms such as street dance, social and folk dance, site specific or environmental work.
  • Approaches for inclusive pedagogies in dance teaching including dance for older participants, young adults and children.


QUT - Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 

MORE information

  • Welcome, registration and opening night cocktail party Friday 19 January 2018.
  • The conference takes place Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 January 2018.

Email   or call + 61 2 9380 1905 for more information.


Book online


For RAD Registered Teachers, attending both days is equal to 20 hours CPD, 10 hours Time-valued and 10 hours independent, and attending one day is equal to 10 hours of Time-valued CPD for the Membership Year 2017/18.


Host venue partner QUT Square

Artwork: Waltz of the Flowers by Jan Brown.

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