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Declare your CPD!

Declare your CPD!
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Silver Swans® - new dates (London)

05 Sep 2016 12:20 - 17 Jul 2017 14:30

Silver Swans® - new dates (London)
Specially designed for older learners, these classes will help improve your mobility, posture, coordination and energy levels.

Most importantly, you’ll have fun and enjoy the sense of wellbeing that dance brings.

Venue: RAD headquarters, 36 Battersea Square, London SW11 3RA

Beginners: 12.20 – 1.30pm 
Experienced: 1.30 – 2.30pm

Cost: £7.00 per class


Autumn term 2016

  • Term Begins: Monday 5 September
  • Half Term: Monday 24 October to Saturday 29 October 2016 (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Saturday 3 December

Spring term 2017

  • Term Begins: Saturday 7 January 
  • Half Term: Monday 13 February – Saturday 18 February (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Friday 31 March

Summer term 2017

  • Term Begins: Monday 24 April
  • Half Term: Monday 29 May – Saturday 3 June (inclusive)
  • Term Ends: Monday 17 July

For further information or to register please contact Bethany Hearn on 020 7326 8920 or email .

Register your interest

We are aiming to offer Silver Swans® classes in the UK and USA from September 2017. If you would like to be informed when we have a class in your area, please complete this form with your contact details. 

Silver Swans® is a registered trademark of the Royal Academy of Dance in the UK, USA and Europe. 

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