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Declare your CPD!
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In conversation with Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest (London)

26 Oct 2016 18:00 - 19:30 / Tags: Higher education, Faculty of Education

The third in this year’s series of guest lectures will focus on Dr Ann Hutchinson Guest, world-renowned expert in dance notation, highly acclaimed author, researcher on dance and founder of the Language of Dance Centre.

This year’s Guest Lecture Series celebrates women who have made a significant mark in the field of dance and dance education.

In conversation with Michelle Groves, Dr Hutchinson Guest will outline some of the major highlights in her career: from her early studies at Dartington Hall in the 1930s, through to setting up the Dance Notation Bureau in New York and the Language of Dance Centre (LODC). Throughout her long and illustrious career, Hutchinson Guest has authored books as well as notation scores for ballet syllabi and reconstruction of repertoire. She has taught at Juillard School (New York City), the College of the Royal Academy of Dance and has evolved her Language of Dance Teaching Method at the LODC.

To reserve your place, book via our Eventbrite page.

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