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Sponsors and supporters

Genée 2107 would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors and supporters.

Dance floors by Harlequin.

'Harlequin Floors are proud to be the official flooring supplier of the Genée International Ballet Competition 2017. This long-standing and unique relationship between Harlequin and the Royal Academy of Dance was initiated by company founder, Bob Dagger, more than 25 years ago.

Over these years Harlequin and the RAD have worked tirelessly to promote both young talent and, by working with dance medicine and science professionals, a safe environment for all dancers.'

The Dame Margot Fonteyn Scholarship Fund

The monetary prize presented to the winner of the Margot Fonteyn Audience Choice Award has been donated by the Dame Margot Fonteyn Scholarship Fund.

Members of the Genée Circle

We are grateful to members of the Genée Circle for their donations towards the running of the Genée International Ballet Competition 2017.