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For exams, class awards, presentation classes, and solo performance awards.

This document is valid from January 2018 and supersedes all previous Specifications and Examinations Information, Rules and Regulations documentation.

Information includes:

  • registration and entry
  • preparation and requirements
  • the exam day
  • results and certificates
  • general information, e.g. uniform, exam timing, venue requirements, prerequisites, music, refunds and cancellations
  • regulatory information
  • aims and objectives
  • syllabus content, and
  • marking criteria and how marks are awarded

The Specifications will be translated into 9 different languages which will be available during 2018.

Please note: the Specifications document for Scottish exams can be found here: Specifications (Scotland).

Discovering Repertoire specification – this information, although included in the main Specifications, has been extracted for ease of access.