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RAD syllabi

RAD syllabi
Details about Dance to Your Own Tune, graded and vocational graded exams.
  • Dance to Your Own Tune is the curriculum for children from 2½ to 5 years.
  • The graded syllabus (Pre-Primary in Dance, Primary in Dance and Grade 1–8) provides a broad practical dance education and develops technical, musical and performance skills (age 5+).
  • Vocational graded examinations (Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2) provide an in-depth study of ballet and prepare students for a career in dance (age 11+).

Graded exams

RAD exams are part of an internationally renowned system of assessments, drawing on the research and academic practices of twenty awarding organisations.

These organisations promote progressive mastery in music, dance, drama and musical theatre. For more information about graded exams, please visit