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Uniform for RAD exams.

Candidates are expected to wear the uniform stipulated for each grade, but where this is not possible, suitable alternatives of a similar colour and style may be worn. Details of the stipulated uniform can be found in our Specifications documents.

Candidates are not assessed based on the uniform worn. 

  • All uniform should be clean and well-fitting, and underwear should not be visible.
  • Jewellery should not be worn unless required for religious or cultural reasons.
  • Where used, makeup should be kept light and to a minimum.
  • If hair is too short to be tied in a bun, it should be neatly groomed and styled off the face and neck so that the line of the head and neck is not obscured.

Please see the Uniform and presentation section of our Specifications document for further information on appropriate dress and presentation.

RAD Enterprises stocks a range of recommended exam uniforms.