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Special consideration

A ‘special consideration’ is a post-examination adjustment to the mark for a candidate who was prepared for and present at an exam, but who may have been disadvantaged by adverse circumstances that arose immediately before or at the time.

Special consideration cannot give the candidate an unfair advantage, nor must it cause misunderstanding about a candidate’s achievements. Exams and assessments are a measure of what a candidate can do at one moment in time and therefore, only minor adjustments can be made to the mark, to protect the integrity of the award.

Award decision

The decision to award special consideration will be based on a number of factors, which will vary for each application. The size of the allowance will depend on the timing, nature and extent of the circumstances. The maximum allowance will be five marks. Full details can be found in Reasonable Adjustments and Special Considerations Policies and Procedures.

Applications should be made within five working days of the exam by completing a form and returning it to