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Music requirements for RAD exams

Details of exam music can be found in our Specifications; CDs and sheet music can be purchased from RAD Enterprises.

Further information on music in exams can be found in our Specifications (see Music).

Please note: for graded examinations, it is better if the teacher does not serve as the pianist or operate the CD player as this can be very distracting for the candidates.

In order to not distract the candidates, we suggest the following:

  • A screen should be placed between the performing space and the CD operator,
  • The CD operator should sit with their back towards the exam area, or facing away from the candidates, making no eye contact with the candidates,
  • Candidates should understand beforehand that the examiner will conduct the exam and even if their teacher is operating the CD player, their teacher will not assist at any point.

All vocational graded exams must be performed with a pianist, but the variations are performed to the orchestral tracks on the CD. The pianist must operate the CD player.

For music errata, please visit our Syllabus updates page.