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Discovering Repertoire launch

Discovering Repertoire launch
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Fees & refunds

Information on fees, refunds, withdrawals and cancellations for RAD exams.

Examination fees 2017

Examination fees 2018

There are two sets of fees - one for exams in an AEC (teacher's own studio) and one for exams in an RAV (a venue provided by the RAD).

For some vocational graded exams there are:

  • Full rates, or
  • Membership rates – visit Membership to find out more about becoming an RAD Member.

Details about fees can be found in Examinations Information, Rules and Regulations  .  


When applying for a refund, evidence should be submitted to the appropriate RAD office no later than four weeks after the exam date. For further details, please see Examinations Information, Rules and Regulations Section 5.