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Certificates, result forms and medals

Details on certificates, medals and bars awarded for RAD exams.


Certificates are fraud-proof and have a number of security features:

  • Secure parchment paper
  • Micro-numismatics (e.g. RAD Crest)
  • Advanced holograms (e.g. RAD Crest or Logo)
  • Specialist reactive inks
  • Advanced security numbering
  • Website document validation
  • Controlled secure papers & toners

An example of an RAD Certificate. 

Medals and Bars

Successful candidates will also receive:

  • Class awards - medal
  • Grades 1–8 exam – medal
  • Solo performance awards – bar

Gold, silver or bronze medals are awarded depending on the result of distinction, merit or pass.

Please see Policy & procedures for issuing results & certificates for more information and this letter  (intended to be provided to parents) about certificate and result processing in the UK.

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Replacement certificates - visit the Replacement Certificates page.