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    The latest news from the RAD and the world of dance.

    2018 and beyond at the RAD

    19 Jan 2018 / Tags: Boys Only, Discovering Repertoire, Genée, Silver Swans

    The Royal Academy of Dance yesterday previewed its plans for 2018 and beyond at '18+', a new year’s drinks event hosted in partnership with the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. Read more »

    Discovering Repertoire

    19 Jan 2018 / Tags: Discovering Repertoire

    The Royal Academy of Dance today launched Discovering Repertoire, a new, classical ballet performance programme for students from age 12 through to adult. Read more »

    Benesh International

    09 Jan 2018 / Tags: Benesh

    With the retirement last year of long-term custodian of Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) at the RAD, Liz Cunliffe, Anna Trevien was appointed to take over the reins, and with this came a new name – Benesh International - visual identity and the opportunity to take stock and offer a new vision for the future. Read more »


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