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Which programme?

Which programme?
We offer a range of programmes to suit all levels and stages of your career. Offering flexible learning delivered by highly qualified tutors, you can study full or part-time, on-site at the RAD, or by distance learning wherever you are in the world.

All programmes confer eligibility to become an RAD Registered Teacher. 

Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies Distance Learning 2 years part-time English, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish
Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies  Distance Learning 2 years part-time English
Certificate of Higher Education: Dance Education * Distance Learning 1 or 2 years part-time  English
Diploma of Higher Education: Dance Education * Distance Learning 2 years full or 4 years part-time English
BA (Hons) Dance Education Distance Learning 3 years full or 6 years part-time English
BA (Hons) Ballet Education RAD HQ, London 3 years full-time English
Licentiate of the Royal Academy of Dance RAD HQ, London 5 weeks full-time annually for 3 years English
PGCE: Dance Teaching RAD HQ, London 1 year full-time English
Professional Dancers’ Teaching Diploma RAD HQ, London 12 weeks full-time  English
Professional Dancers’ Postgraduate Teaching Certificate Distance Learning 1 year part-time  English
MA in Education (Dance Teaching)  Distance Learning 2 or 3 years part-time English
Queensland University of Technology - RAD Access Route Distance Learning 1 year part-time English

* Content is listed as part of the BA (Hons): Dance Education programme.

All our degree programmes are validated by the University of Bath and our professional awards are validated by the RAD.